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Wall Decals are the fast growing trend for decoration among all and it is being loved and appreciated everywhere be it homes, offices, cafeterias and eating outlets,etc. The reason for this fast growing trend is its natural and aesthetic look that leaves the onlooker mesmerised by its impeccable finish and fine imprint on the surfaces where it is applied.

The wall decal is made up of pigmented poly-vinyl films which have two releasing papers and a strong adhesive at the back that brings best result. They are so easy to install and remove that anyone can apply and remove them without any hassle. Any place can be transformed into the desired theme by simply applying the wall decals. All one would need to do is to remove the first releasing paper then stick the decal on the wall and then finally removing the transparent sheet in order to put the design on the surface where the decal is to be put. (Please visit the question under FAQ Tab)

Wall stickers come in various sizes and shapes and can be customised as well. They easily last for around 5 years and are water and ultraviolet rays resistant. Considering the frequently changing nature and demand of beautifying our homes, offices and other places, WALL DECALS are the best option in today’s age for being simple, effective, aesthetic and free from applying and removing hassles.